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Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Nutrition Evaluation

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Our Patient-Focused Wellness Approach

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Back In Action Wellness Center emphasizes improving your health, with targeted therapy’s, in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. We have found that most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness if they could. This is one of the main reasons for the surge in popularity at our wellness center. 

Did you know our services are FULLY COVERED BY most INSURANCE plans? 

At Back In Action, we treat the conditions and ailments that hinder your lifestyle or work abilities.

We Get You, Back In Action.

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At Back In Action Wellness Center, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients. Below is a sampling of the different chiropractic services we offer in our Orland Park office.

hands spine
With Back In Action, appropriate chiropractic care, slowing, stopping, or decreased rate of degeneration is our target, and your long-term optimized health will be your reward.
body circle spine

At Back in Action Wellness Center acupuncture is used in an integrated approach to healing to improve recovery rates and relieve pain by unblocking the energy fields in the body.

cross spine

Massage therapy offers a natural conservative treatment approach that relieves musculoskeletal pain for many patients. Our office provides specific massage that is tailored to meet the patient’s condition and injury.

flower spine

Dr. Varsovia Santoliva can restore balance to unbalanced arches through the use of orthotics.  Offering corrections that help your posture, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, and other common afflictions.

cross spine

We provide many techniques utilizing gentle therapy to help you get Back In Action. Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists.

flower spine

Don’t struggle with the cycle of diets and exercise that’ll make you starve and feel weak. Back In Action has the programs and experience the results you’ve always wanted. 

cirle spine

Correction methods are even safer, more comfortable, and more effective than ever before. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Varsovia Santoliva has years of training and experience to get you Back In Action.

body circle spine

With our integrated approach to physical wellness, with “whole body” treatment that encourages lifestyle and nutritional changes, meditation, and relaxation, physical and mental exercise, and positive reinforcement.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Santoliva, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), has extensive medical training and clinical experience in chiropractic and acupuncture. She diagnoses and treats the root causes of patients’ back and neck pain to promote enduring spine health and life-long wellness. She has specific expertise in helping patients heal from herniated discs. Approximately 90% of her herniated disc patients were able to get back to normal activities in less than six months.

Under Dr. Santoliva’s care, patients experience healing from pain and a restored freedom of movement.



Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Nutrition Evaluation

Did you know our services are FULLY COVERED BY most INSURANCE plans?

Back Pain

We're Here to Help. Advanced Pain & Back Treatments for Back Discomfort.

Back In Action Wellness Chiropractor Acupuncture


Acupuncture can help speed the healing along with chiropractic adjustments.

Neck Pain

Neck adjustment works to improve the mobility of the spine and to restore range of motion.


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