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Our unique approach focuses on body biomechanics combined with joint and soft-tissue manipulation. All while providing our patients individualized treatments designed to help them reach their maximum performance.

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Return to Work Pain Free!

80% of people will experience low back pain or other work-related injuries in their lifetime, and many of those will have to take time off work as a result of it. Chiropractic care at Back In Action has aided our patients in returning to work, quickly and free of pain.

Activities Become More Enjoyable.

How often have aches and pains kept you from being active. Whether you have missed out on family outings or had to stop an activity that you loved. Back In Action can help identify the problem areas help get you Back In Action!

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Regain Your Ability to Exercise!

When your ability to exercise is compromised your health is compromised as well. 20 minutes of daily exercise is recommended for a healthy heart, healthy lifestyle, and a healthy mind. Let us help you get back to your routine and back to feeling great again.

Areas of Practice

Back In Action will help get you Back In Action

With over 20 years in practice, we have the proven methods to help you regain pain-free, healthy movement through a customized combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, & rehabilitative exercise. Back in Action Wellness Center provides holistic, individualized care through treatments and therapies that work together to optimize your overall wellness.


Back In Action uses spinal decompression to relieve the compression of the nerves that's causing sciatica pain. That can include techniques to lengthen the spine and enhance the space between the vertebrae.

Disc Herniation

Helping to avoid surgery we treat the misalignment, the actual herniated disc, and the associated nerve interference, thus treating the root of the problem in a natural, risk-free way.

Neck Pain

Chiropractic neck adjustments, called cervical manipulation, loosen up the joints of the cervical vertebrae in the neck. This can reduce pain caused by pinched nerves, muscle spasms, strains and other contributing factors.


Dr. Varsovia fully understand the condition of scoliosis, how it progresses, and how best to treat it. Any general discipline will fall short; it’s only a specifically tailored approach towards scoliosis that have the power to induce a structural change and effectively treat the condition.


Research shows that spinal manipulation is an effective treatment option for tension headaches and headaches that originate in the neck. Routine chiropractic care provides patients suffering from migraines and tension headaches with a safe, non-invasive, non-addictive alternative to prescription drugs.

Lower Back Pain

As proven in Harvard studies, chiropractic care of lower back pain reported less pain intensity, experiences of less disability and more improvement in function also a higher satisfaction with their treatment and an elimination of the need for pain medicine.

Knee Pain

Chiropractic adjustments of the spine, hips, and knees help mobilize these joints back into proper alignment. understanding the musculoskeletal system can help determine why you're in pain. It can also help reduce joint restrictions. Chiropractic knee adjustments are an ideal solution if your knee pain is associated with mobility issues.


Chiropractic adjustment are performed to correct joint restrictions or dysfunctions. Inducing movement in a joint that may be immobile, will help restore the range of motion and thus reducing any interference of nerve communication throughout your body.

Elbow Pain

Usually, pain in the elbow is caused by some combination of overuse, overexertion, genetic makeup, and/or degenerative disease. Common elbow conditions include tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and bursitis. By actually fixing the structural components of your elbow we will address the source of the pain as well as treat the symptoms

Shoulder Pain

Pain from overuse and misalignments can be effectively treated with chiropractic care. Our treatments have been very beneficial for our patient with an injury or pain in the shoulder as well. We will help to reduce and relieve pain, improve range of motion, increase flexibility, and restore function to the joint.


Our primary whiplash treatment for joint dysfunction, spinal manipulation involves gently moving the involved joint into the direction in which it is restricted. Also known as a chiropractic adjustment, our process of spinal manipulation treat the problem area and relieve the pain and discomfort associated with whiplash.

Joint Pain

Joint pain can be overwhelming and restricting. We treat soft tissue injuries, whether caused by an accident or by overuse or improper use of a joint. Our soft tissue therapies will help with your pain and range of motion getting you Back In Action.

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Jason Marcordes

I’ve been working with Dr Santoliva for a few months now and I can honestly say that she’s by far the best healthcare professional I’ve ever dealt with! In an industry that pushes pills and has little to no understanding of nutrition, homeopathy, or any treatment that’s non-traditional, she is a breath of fresh air! She is very knowledgeable, caring, and puts the patient’s need first. I can’t recommend her enough!